Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a perfect opportunity to let your better half know how much you love and care. While some couples choose to renew their vows with their friends and family at home, others take the opportunity to plan a special holiday.

Whether you and your partner are romantic or not, celebrating wedding anniversary in a hill station like Lonavala is both exciting and fun. The overall scenic surroundings, beautiful hills, the dreamy backdrop and the perennially mist-soaked valley is a great place to spend this time with your beau.

Here are some amazing things you can do on your marriage anniversary in Lonavala:

Book a Luxury Resort:
You will find many resorts in Lonavala for couples. From luxurious and spacious rooms in a beautiful setting to world class amenities like a spa and swimming pool, the resorts offer everything you need to make your stay memorable.
But just in case you want to make your celebration even more exceptional and grand, along with a few more friends and family members, make sure you book a separate banquet hall or a lawn in one of the 5 star hotels in Lonavala. The hotel staff will help you host your celebration as grand and special as you imagined.

Go Sight Seeing:
Apart from staying at a luxury resort in Lonavala, you can schedule a few hours in a day for some sightseeing. From Bushi Dam, Tiger Hills, Lonavala Lake, Sunset Point to Della Adventures and a Wax Museum, you will find many things to explore with your partner in Lonavala.

Capture Memories:
Record a video using your digital camera or your Smartphone to capture those special moments together in Lonavala. Include background music with some of your favorite songs. You could even stop at a particular place and propose your partner once again with flowers or a ring. Ask a passerby to take a couple shots while you propose. Honestly speaking, this lovely idea is surely going to make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

Candle Light Dinner:
Anniversaries are special and so are your better-halves. It’s time to show them your passionate side and let the day end with series of smiles. And special candle light dinner at the end of the day with wine, flower, cake and five-course dinner is really an amazing idea to impress your partner.

While some luxury resorts in Lonavala do offer all day dining options with excellent ambiance, you can still plan a special candlelight dinner with your partner, at any other special restaurant in Lonavala depending on your choice and schedule.

Find Great Lodging

Tourists come to visit Bury St Edmunds because it’s a beautiful medieval town very adequate for a relaxing escapade. Discover great lodging options with B & B Bury St Edmunds.

This is one of the royal towns occupied by Saxons and has been home for many royalties, as well as artists and historical personalities. Here you’ll find one of the oldest museums in England, dating back in the 12th century, holding the original mask of William Corder and authentic witchcraft artefacts. If you plan to visit Bury St Edmunds with your kids it can be a very educational experience for them. Accommodation options will not disappoint you, as there are solutions to suit any budget and preference.

All tourists want to have all the comforts they are used to, and the good news is that you don’t have to break the budget to obtain what you wish for. With a B & B Bury St Edmunds you get modern facilities, warm and comfortable bed, privacy for you and your family, access to a beautiful garden where your pet can enjoy liberty and fresh air. Most hotels don’t allow families to bring their pet, but it’s a different situation with a B & B Bury St Edmunds. These establishments have previously functioned as farmhouses, inns, mills, or historic mansions. They still have the quaint ambient and medieval design but they are endowed with modern facilities and have been periodically reconsolidated and refurbished. You can have an authentic experience, visiting this part of England by booking your rooms with a popular Bed and Breakfast Bury St Edmunds.

Bury St Edmunds is the perfect destination for a romantic trip or for a relaxing vacation with the entire family. The good news is that you don’t have to leave your dog behind. Pets are sometimes allowed with B&Bs that have a generous outdoor space for your dog to run freely. All year round, not exclusively during peak seasons you are advised to book your room ahead of your planned vacation. Before the booking you should take your time to evaluate options and compare alternatives and rates. Online reviews can serve purpose, and you can find out which B&Bs are most popular among tourists and why.

Also don’t forget to find out a few things about the meals. Who is cooking the breakfast? Can they keep account of your special diet? Are the ingredients used naturally sourced? Does the Bed and Breakfast Bury St Edmunds offer you proximity to pubs and restaurants, where you could have your luck and dinner? If you will be using means of transportation to reach touristic objectives they should be easily accessible from your booked Bed and Breakfast Bury St Edmunds. So, don’t neglect the aspect of conducting a serious research before you decide on your accommodation. The cathedrals, the castles, historical houses, museums, the gothic appeal of this town will add so much charm to your travel. Enjoy your time spent in Bury St Edmunds and have a great accommodation experience!